GogoSigudla family tree

GogoSigudla family tree(Mother to my dad Vusimusi John Sigudla(granny from my fathers side)

Bhuda / Buda’s family lineage taken on the 21st of March 2014.

Venue: Pretoria, Soshanguve, Block JJ (Mrs Mbayi’s home)
Informer: Aunt Christinah (Chrissie) Sgudla
People who were available:
1. Aunt Chrissie Hleziphi Sgudla
2. Mrs Maria (Na Nkosi) Buda
3. Mrs Martha Mbayi
4. Mrs Emily Thela
5. Mrs Nomsa Skosana
6. Mr Simon Morudu
7. Mrs Sonto Annah Morudu.
Great Grand Parents:Mr Swinah Bhuda married two wives (Na Msiza and Na Sindani

A.Mkhulu Johannes and Slakie Bhuda were brothers .B. Gogo Emily and Jolinah Nkuna were sisters

Grand Parents:

C.Mr Johannes Mrube Mahlathi Bhuda married Gogo Emily Biya Nkuna D.Mr Slakie Bhuda married Gogo Jolinah Nkuna

E. F.1. Johannes Maliwa
2. Frans
3. Esther

1. Aunt Christinah Hleziphi
2. Joseph Mzondi
3. Maria Bhuda
4. Elizabeth
5. Thabitha
6. Cathrine
7. Annah
8. Treya
9. Erah
10. Ben
11. Pienaar

g. Aunt Christinah Hleziphi was married by Mr Sgudla and was blessed with:
Mrs Molefe, Mrs Mbayi, Mrs Thela, Mr Green, Pastor Vusimuzi


Mr Johannes married Mrs Maria (Na Nkosi) Buda.
Mr Johannes had children with Ms Combrink: children: Hebbie John, Beauty and Meisie
Mr Johannes married Maria Na Nkosi (Twala) Buda
Children: Sanah, Christinah (Thandi), Adam (Abram), Annah (Sonto), Johannes (Oupa), Nomsa (Francinah), Isaac, Vusi and Conny.

i.The elder brother Johannes Moloi Sigudla the Father of Serethe, Kislon, Sello, Connie and her Sister.
The second brother Vivian Sigudla who has passed on.
The Elder Sister Maria Molefe and her children
What about the grand childrens and great grand children.


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