Yes, in fact I’ve seen it quite a bit in spiritual warfare. Balaam tried to curse the Jews (Dt 23:4). The Bible says we can curse others Ps 109:17 He loved to pronounce a curse — may it come on him; he found no pleasure in blessing — may it be far from him.

Demons use this as an excuse to work against the person, as a ‘prayer’ to gain access. Old Testament men (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc.Gen 27:23, 38) would bless or curse their children (Genesis 48:20). Sometimes they even put a curse on them, as Abraham did with Ishmael and Isaac cursed Esau. The Levites were used to pronounce blessings (Dt 10:8; 21:5).

When Naomi came back to Israel she said she was to be called ‘mara’ because things had turned ‘bitter’ for her.

A father is to bless his children by his words and send them into life with his and God’s blessing. What you have done is the opposite. There are several books by homeschoolers about how fathers are to do this and why.

Curses can be broken by a believer praying in Jesus’ name and authority.


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