A few months after Jesus sent the disciples out to do spiritual warfare there was an encounter with a demonized girl that is recorded by both Matthew and Mark. A Gentile woman asked Jesus to drive the demon out of her daughter but He resisted, saying He came to bring deliverance for the Jews. Her faith was strong enough to accept that but to also know He was able to help her without taking away from the Jews. Jesus honored her faith by casting out the demon even though the girl was back at home in bed far from Jesus (Matthew 15:21-28; Mark 7:24-30).

LESSON FOR TODAY: Children can be demonized. The Greek word for ‘daughter’ here refers to a very young daughter. When one person opens the door to demons those same demons claim all the person has, including their children. They claim the blood line and/or name as access.

Often adopted children, who have experienced rejection, are demonized by demons who use the open door of rejection to move into the child’s life. Usually there is a history of alcohol, drugs and/or sexual sin in one or both of the birth parents. This makes adopted children all the more vulnerable to demonizing.

If a child is an unwanted pregnancy, even if the parent keeps and raises the child, this can open the door for demons to enter. If someone curses a child that prayer to Satan is something his demons will draw power from and do what they can to bring that about in the child’s life.

Sometimes, too, young children are attacked as a way of getting back at a parent or family who is serving God and living for Him.

LESSON FOR TODAY: This child was delivered without confessing or repenting of any sin, without even being in Jesus’ presence. Often this is the case with children. Parents, who are their authority figure, can represent them and pray for deliverance for their children. Many times they are quite young or don’t understand what is happening, so being present would be more of a distraction than a help. It is usually the parent’s sin (through family line) that has to be dealt with by confession and taking back access.


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