As stated before, deliverance isn’t a once-and-done thing. It is a process, like peeling layers off of an onion. Sometimes progress is very slow. It may seem no progress is being made at all. Then, too, it is certainly possible to loose what you have gained (through sin allowing the openings to be used again). Satan’s forces don’t quit easily, and just because they are defeated or weakened once doesn’t mean it is all over. Often the battle gets worse for awhile. The more they tried to obey and stay close to God, the more opposition and battles the Jews faced when conquering the land. Paul’s thorn in the flesh is an example of this (II Corinthians 12:7-10).

Another example is Nehemiah. When the walls of Jerusalem were in disrepair and no one was making any effort to rebuild them there was calm. But when Nehemiah started encouraging the people to rebuild there was much opposition. Some was external, other internal. Externally Nehemiah faced ridicule (2:19), anger (4:1), criticism (4:2), mockery (4:3), threat of war (4:8), compromise (6:2), and lies being told about him (6:6). The stronger attacks were internal. Satan attacked him within with discouragement (4:10), wanting to quit (4:10), greed (5:1,3,5), and fear (6:10). Nehemiah persevered despite it all and finally the work was completed (6:15) and the enemies of God defeated (6:16).

We, too, will face much opposition, and continuing opposition. When we fight against Satan’s kingdom by being true to God’s kingdom, we must realize the enemy will fight back. What are we to do about it? Satan’s plan is for us to be discouraged, to quit, to not persevere, to stay where we are or to lose ground to him. Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen:

When the Jews crossed the Red Sea God opened the waters and they walked through on dried land, but after they matured in the faith things changed. When they got to the Jordan they had to rush down the hill and step into the water while it was still there, trusting God would move it when their feet hit the water. He did and again they walked through on dry land. You are no longer at the Red Sea. You’ve grown beyond that. Now God wants you to commit to obedience no matter what, to step into the rushing water trusting He’ll be with you. If you wait for the waters to part first you’ll never move. Commit to stop no matter what – even if it kills you. Decide you’d rather be dead than to continue to disobey. Now I don’t’ think it’s a live or death matter, but still you need to be willing to pay any price you may feel will come. I know God will take care of you through it. It will be more of a struggle than you’ve had with some of the other victories, for God increases the pressure so our faith muscles grown. I like the story of the old lady who was known for her faith. Someone said to her once, “I bet if God told you to run and jump into a wall you’d do it!” The lady said, “Yes, If he told me to do so I would. It’s my job to run into the wall and it’s His job to take care of the wall.”


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