When God created Adam he was perfect, sinless. Still, something was missing so God created woman to “fill the empty spaces” in man (Genesis 2:20). He was missing something that she provided, thus she was different than him. He had something she didn’t and she had something he didn’t. Together there was a completeness that was missing alone. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, superior or inferior. It is just that they are different.

In boiling down the difference to its basic quality we can say that women tend to be more rational and women tend to be more emotional. Could this be why Satan picked on Eve first and used her to get Adam to sin, and why God says men are to lead in areas of rational decision-making (II Tim. 2:11-15)?

Men are more compartmentalized, focused on one thing at a time. What happens at the store has no connection to what happens in the bedroom. Women, on the other hand, are connected, comprehensive. What happens in the morning has everything to do with what happens in the evening. Men focus on tasks, accomplishing, crossing items off a list. Women focus more on relationships, developing intimacy and closeness. It is the interplay between these that make programs such as Home Improvements so popular, because they are so easy to identify with.

Men don’t naturally understand women. Often they don’t have a clue! During courtship it may seem a man understands his mate, but that’s just because he has radar on high all the time, and because she sends such obvious signals they are hard to miss. After marriage, when she assumes he’s got it down and cuts back on the signals, things fall apart. Men just don’t understand. Mothers don’t teach their sons, and they don’t see it taught in how their fathers treated their mothers.


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