What’s the solution? 1. Confess your sin (I Jn. 1:9). This includes wrong sexual actions or thoughts, fantasies, putting your own pleasure before your mate’s, or withholding pleasure from your mate. 2. Accept God’s forgiveness and forgive yourself or you will carry around false guilt. This can be hard and sometimes requires counseling (except pride keeps us from talking about it, which is why sexual sins are often hard to defeat). Remember, everyone in the Bible who ever repented of sexual sin was forgiven (David, Gomer, Solomon, Samson, Rahab, etc.). 3. Take a stand against any thought or action that is sinful, no matter what the cost (as Vashti did in Esther). It takes courage to draw the line and stick to it (Phil. 4:8). Know your weak spots and flee before it gets too late (as Joseph did Gen 39:12; I Cor. 10:13). Be willing to do whatever is necessary to defeat the sin. 4. Become accountable to a godly person other than your mate (they won’t ask the tough questions, and you’ll deceive to spare their feelings). Again, pride keeps us from sharing our sexual struggles, and that keeps us in defeat. God knows all about them anyway, at least go to Him with them. He understands.


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