One final area to cover to complete this subject, and that has to do with sexual differences. Men and women are wired differently this way, too. Women need time talking and developing intimacy before lovemaking. It is literally an all-day process for them to feel close and secure enough to really respond sexually as God created them to respond. After lovemaking, it takes them time of intimacy to come down, too. Men turn on and then come down very quickly. If men don’t understand this about women they won’t meet her needs first. If women don’t understand this about men they will think he is just being selfish and not caring about her needs. Too often the saying is true: men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love. This isn’t God’s way, and is far short of the richness God has for His people. Talk, think, be sensitive, learn to understand each other. It’ll be well worth it in your marriage and life.


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