Bowl judgments during the final year or 2 of the tribulation (Revelation 16:2-21), also culminating with Armageddon (SEE APPENDIX P).

Bowl 1. Boils (sores on all with 666 – Plague 6 in Egypt) (16:2)

Bowl 2. Sea to blood (all in ocean dies) (16:3)

Bowl 3. Rivers to blood (all in rivers die – Plague 1 in Egypt) (16:4-7)

Bowl 4. Heat (sun scorches all) (16:8-9)

Bowl 5. Darkness (all in dark – Plague 9 in Egypt) (16:10-11)

Bowl 6. Euphrates Dried Up (Army to Israel) (16:12)

Bowl 7. Hail (cities crumble – Plague 7 in Egypt) (16:17-21)

3. With the North defeated by God and the balance of powers thrown off, the West with the Antichrist (Dan 7:7-8) will move in and take over Palestine (Dan 11:36-42). He will set up a coalition of nations (Rev 13:7; 17:13; Ps 2:1-3). They will fortify the mountains in anticipation of an attack by the East (Zech 12:2-3; 14:1-3). Because the North is out of the way, the East (with a 200 million man army) wants Palestine for herself (Rev 9:14-16). This sets the stage for Armageddon


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