1. WEST – led by the Antichrist

ISRAEL – under the Antichrist by covenant Dan 9:27

REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE (10 nations – area of Europe)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, if still around, will be aligned with these

2. NORTH – (area of Russia) will oppose the Antichrist (Ezek 38:2-6)

ARAB nations around Israel aligned with the north

together they will challenge the Antichrist for Palestine (Ezek 28:7; Dan 11:40-42)

3. EAST – 200 million man army from across the Euphrates (India China, Japan)

waiting for chance to take Palestine themselves (Rev 16:12-16; 9:13-21; Dan 11:40-44)

4. SOUTH (Egypt) Dan 11:40, allied to North


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