By Rev V.J. Sigudla
Genesis 42:37
Lessons from God are very tough but to our good.
Jacob never knew that everything works for good for those who love God and those that are called according to his will.
With Jacob this was indeed the last blow in his life. Having lost Joseph was enough, now the only consolation of his life Benjamin was suppose to go too.
This was rather too much too unfair, too heavy for the old man to carry hence the words ” all these things are against me” verse 37

What Jacob never knew.
1. That the first son was gone to prepare the salvation of the whole world. Genesis 50:20 you thought evil about me but God has turned it unto good as it is today to save much people alive. One man in Kgabalatsane when sad things happened to him, said “God saw it fit for me to go through this since he (God) so to it that he was the only fit person to can carry this.”
Situations that are happening to us are not in vain though very difficult to understand today, it only tomorrow where we will understand the implications of these things.
2. What you do today by living a righteous life, that will affect the lives of your children. Remember what David said that ” I am being young and now I am old and I have not seen the righteous ring forsaken nor his children begging for bread.
Your children are having your DNA and your children also have your spiritual DNA meaning whether you like it or not you are transferring your spiritual blessings to your children. Remember Louis the grandmother of Timothy prayed for Timothy and until Timothy became a servant of God.
The transference of God’s blessings is not only on your children but also to your grandchildren.

3. We see Jacob later blessing all his children before he died. Genesis 49:1-32 the entire chapter full of blessings.
4. We see Jacob blessing his grandchildren before he died also. Hebrews 11: 20.
5. The release of the last beloved son Benjamin was a door to his end of troubles. The sooner he released the last son to nowhere, it was his breakthrough. Good people there is something for the last time that must be released for God in your life and that will absolutely give you the joy you have been looking for.
That particular thing that you must release is indeed the most important thing in our life, it is not just a thing but a very important thing
* with God It was his only Son Jesus.
* With Abraham it was his last son Benjamin.
* With Rehab it was his house where she hid the servants of God in it.
* With the widow and Elijah, it was her last oil and flower.
* With Noah it was his time and talents as a carpenter to make the Ark.
* With Joseph the father of Jesus it was his career to ignore It as he took care of Jesus the Saviour of the world.
* With Hannah it was Samuel who was born out of scorn and shame.

Jacob’s spirit was revived after he has done what was right though very much against his will. Genesis 45:27-28 And Jacob blessed Pharaoh. Genesis 47: 7-10 You are going finally be a blessing to kings and those that are in government.
It will surly come to pass. Some of the things you will not see them with your own eyes, they will be fulfilled through your children.


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