Noah is a good example.
Early in the book of Genesis we read how, when God first approached Noah about building the ark, no one had ever heard of the concept of rain. No one knew drops of water could fall from the sky because it had never rained before. Up to that point, an underground sprinkler system of sorts—dew—had been used to water the earth. Yet, here was God talking to Noah about rain, floods and building a big boat.
Well, Noah had a choice to make, Do I believe God and build this monstrosity called an ark, or don’t I? It was a far out plan to Noah’s natural understanding, but God knew exactly what He was doing.
Noah chose to believe God.
Once Noah made his decision, it took a long time to build that ark. After all, he only had his family to help him build it. Everyone else thought he was crazy. “Crazy old Noah—building a floating house with no water to put it in.”
Don’t you know during the construction phase of that ark, Noah had plenty of opportunities to change his mind and back out of this foolish-looking project of his.
Nonetheless, he continued in faith. When God said—“Everything that is on the land shall die. But I will establish my covenant (promise, pledge) with you” (Genesis 6:17-18, The Amplified Bible)—Noah believed Him.
We find out that not only did Noah obey God by building the ark, he also obeyed by preaching to the unrighteous people while he and his family hammered and sawed. He preached what God told him to preach. The Bible says Noah was a preacher of righteousness. I have no doubt the people said he was afaith preacher!
So, like Noah—and all the other heroes of faith in the Old Testament—if you and I are going to live supernaturally, if we are going to have the supernatural blessings of God overtake us, instead of curses, then we must give God an opening—and faith is that opening. Our faith is like opening a window to God.


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