Let’s pray over everybody’s finances…all of us…everybody…and believe and release the blessing. Because when the blessing’s concerned, it doesn’t matter it there’s famine in the land, if there’s problems. It works best when there is famine in the land. That’s what it’s for. Let’s all agree with one another for the blessing, not just a blessin, but the biggest financial year we’ve ever had. Amen.
Now, let me tell you what you do. We get in the supernatural. It’s one thing to pray but then you put your eyes on Jesus. He is your source. You put your eyes on the promises of God to Abraham and you look at them and you look at them and you breathe them and you talk them, eat them, sleep them. When Gloria and I were up there in Colorado praying out there on that deck and she and I were sitting…no this was in the main room there…and she and I were sitting there and we were just talking these things and we got to looking at Isaac and what happened when hw sowed in famine. And God began to speak to us. The room filled up with his glory and we sat there for six hours under the influence of the presence of God as He poured His word into us. He began to show us things to come. He began to show us what was happening in the economy and why. He began to show us what was happening in the health care situation and why it was such a mess. All of these things…I mean it just began to pour in there. But you have to keep your eyes on it. And you come out of there and then somebody comes on the television and says we’re all going to go down. I ain’t going down…I’m going that way. I’m not spending my time going down. Amen.
Now, Father, in the name of Jesus, we set ourselves before your throne. Heaven and earth bear record, we are in agreement that the recession, the depression, inflation and every other economic downfall doesn’t belong to us. We’re the children of God, not the children of the world. We’re the children of light, not the children of darkness. We walk in the light as you’re in the light Lord. You are our source. We lay hold today of every promise, every word You said, every oath You declared to Abraham. You will perform that oath and that promise to me and to my household. We declare it. We claim it. We receive it. It’s done. It’s done. Hallelujah.
We are the blessed. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


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