It will be Thursday, January 01, 2015
Happy New Year 2015!

Billy Sigudla

Billy Sigudla

I thank God for even amidst all evil association allegations I did go and pray for Madiba Mandela amongst others beeld:
One man’s prayer for Mandela

Saturday, June 29, 2013 – 00:44

and the rest i organized the links of other publication and media houses on wikipedia under my username Billysigudla08 :

If it had not been for the growing up to this age and I would have discontinued blogging a long time ago… Thank you for your support!

I am personally grateful to those who expressed their appreciation for the work that’s been published here, despite the fact that there are far more superior blogs out there, which have made a far greater effort to keep track of and expose the evil deeds of the darkness

A very special THANK YOU to those who encouraged me to continue blogging when I felt like giving up, on more than one occasion.

I wish you all a rewarding, prosperous and safe 2015!
#Shalom To God be the glory.



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