Bitterness, anger and Unforgiveness – we must forgive as we expect to be forgiven, because everything we request is granted only by His mercy and repentance is what opens the door of mercy. However, repentance cultivates humility and a softness of the heart to also forgive others who have hurt us.
Soulish prayers – these are weapons in the hands of satan. They hang in the soulish realm and though they are not answered by God, they are used by satan to wreak havoc. We must counter soulish prayers prayed against us and must avoid praying soulish prayers so that we are not allies of satan.
Hatred – this cannot motivate prayers especially in warfare because these become soulish prayers.
Advanced strategies for prayer
Praying through gates of time – David, a man after Gods own heart said he prayed to him 5 times a day. The apostles observed gates of time and had encounters at these times. God is a God of times and seasons and different things pass through different times and seasons. Being positioned at the gate is what enables us to legislate effectively what goes in and what goes out. It also enables us to negotiate, trade, batter and exchange at the gates.
Understanding seasons and times as we pray ensure that we do not pray amiss but that we pray for rain in the time of the latter rain.
Backed by Prophetic actions – The Old Testament is one big prophetic action depicting what was to come. When we do prophetic actions, we engage the prophetic which is demonstrative in nature and we pull into the realm of the seen what has already taken shape in the unseen. It is a form of introduction and acceleration. God made a priest marry a harlot, tested a man’s willingness to sacrifice his son, made a prophet lie naked for years, made a prophet sprinkle salt in a river, made the children of Israel walk around a wall for 7 days etc in order to demonstrate into this realm what was already in the offing in the spiritual realm.
In prophetic actions, we use things in the physical to represent the spiritual realm and carry out actions with deeper meaning. The wisdom of God will often appear as foolishness to the children of this world. There are times we will need to be discreet in our actions and there are times we will be required to be overt.
Prophetic actions must be carried out with intention and understanding and backed by worded prayers. In prophetic actions often we use something as a point of contact or as a representation of the actual thing we are trying o affect.
Diabolic people use prophetic actions a lot and engage blood of animals or humans in their stage ups
Raising altars and using tokens – An altar is a meeting point between men and spirits and is raised at a geographical location by a priest using a token of sacrifice. These altars are important because they facilitate exchange and physical manifestation.
Understanding altars also makes us thorough when dismantling altars because we deal with the priests, the spirits, the tokens and the altars.
Understanding the spiritual significance of numbers – Psalm 90:12 says; teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Knowing numbers helps to interpret dreams, prophetic actions, prophetic words, and helps us to approach days and seasons with appropriate expectation, preparedness, understanding and wisdom
1 – The number of Christ the pre-eminent one
2 – Number of witness
3 – Number of the Holy Trinity
4 – Number of the strength /peak of creation – rev5:6 eagle, ox, man
5 – Grace
6 – Man
7- Perfection
8- New beginnings
9-holy spirit
10- Trial and testimony
11 – Chaos, judgment
12 – Apostolic government and order
13 – Rebellion
14 – Deliverance
15 – Grace
16 – Love
17 – Victory
18 – Bondage


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