How to pray –
Pray without ceasing.
Develop a lifestyle of communicating with the Holy Spirit; He must become as real to you as a friend. Create a conducive environment for His presence. TV, radio, idle talk musty not replace His presence.
Also set aside formal times of prayer.
Be in a comfortable uninterrupted space.
Worship and thank Him first.
Pray in tongues.
Pray for the things that are on His mind first – how do I know? I listen to the news and stay current. I pray for community and national issues. I pray for those who have less or are suffering. I pray for the advancement of his kingdom by praying for salvations, churches and ministers
Then thankfully pray through your prayer projects
Pray through other projects you are on by sharing with Him about the progress you have made or the hindrances you are encountering.
Make sure that your prayer addresses the following
• The Lord in petition
• Yourself in encouragement
• The situation in command
• The enemy in declaration
• Creation in lobbying/solicitation
Leave time to be quiet and listen for direction and instruction

Worship is primarily a lifestyle. We are required to worship in spirit and in truth – in other words, not just with lip service but with the desire to truly please God and give Him what He made us to give Him. To worship in spirit and in truth, the spirit must be released. We must pray for the release of the spirit man, the restoration of the spirit man, for the quickening of the spirit man, for the re-clothing of the spirit man, for the fresh anointing of the spirit man with fire and the oil of gladness, for the illumination of the spirit
We may worship in song, psalms and dance
Corporate fellowship with other believers in obedience to the instruction that says, do not forsake the gathering of the saints. When we come together at church, we come in obedience which He says is better than sacrifice and we get strengthened, equipped and encouraged for the week ahead. You are not doing your pastor a favour by attending church. You are honoring God by keeping an appointment and you are setting that time aside in worship of Him. We must not be lackadaisical about gathering with believers in His presence. He commands a blessing where there is unity and it is where 2 or 3 gather in his name that he is in their midst.
Sacrificial living
Laying down your life is a form of worship that says You who gave it are able to restore it. When Abraham lay down Isaac to sacrifice Him, the bible tells us he had no doubt in his mind that God was able to raise him up again. That kind of life tells God nothing takes your place and for You who could give me your son, nothing is too precious to give to You.
Sacrifice is not only in material things. Prayer especially at inconvenient times, fasting, and showing sacrificial kindness to people count as sacrifice to the Lord
Sacrificing financially comes in the form of Tithes, Offering and Giving.
How to cultivate holiness – understand the enemy to holiness is the not so obvious loopholes through which the enemy subtly comes in.
1. Desire it
2. Accept the covenant or contract and make the decision / purpose in your heart.
3. Ask for the grace to be keep to the decision
4. Resist satan and he will flee – avoid the places, people and circumstances that jeopardize your holiness. Birds of a feather flock together. Always ask yourself if Jesus came now would he be pleased to see me here, hear me saying this, find me watching this or listening to this
5. Feed on the word of God
6. Pray always in the holy ghost
7. Do not compromise on holiness. Satan needs on a little foothold and he will heave all of himself in. do not care what people say at the expense of what God says. God told Cain that sin was waiting at the entrance
8. Be quick to repent and be deep and purposeful about your repentance – it ensures that the sin does not have long enough to be comfortable in your body
9. Hate what He hates and love what He loves. Ask Him to transfer His love and hatred to you and don’t try to justify the longings of your flesh
10. Be very strict with your flesh – Esau and Samson are good examples. Learn to tell yourself no, you cannot trade your destiny for food, sex or temporal pleasures because God is gracious. He will forgive you but he will not be able to entrust big things to you.
11. Get accountability partners who are as serious as you, who can tell you the truth and who can report you to authority for your own good.
12. Submit to authority


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