The purpose of this analytical tool is to examine and decipher the root of challenges in the life of a leader that can hinder the full development of their potential, call and destiny. It is aimed at helping to tailor a prophetic word based solution for the leader. This will ensure that the spiritual support system being created for this leader can be effective, having eliminated these issues.
All information and ministration through this tool should be kept confidential. This analytical tool is designed by the Rebirth of Africa House /Kingdom Heirs Assembly for the purpose of developing wholesome prophetic leadership in the pursuit of the attainment of the African century and the advancement of the body of Christ around the world.
No physician can accurately minister to a person without first diagnosing the root cause of the issue; some of which might be generational.
The bible says “if the foundation is broken what can the righteous do?” psalm 11:3 .your foundations is the family where you began your physical existence and the circumstances surrounding how, where and when you were born and the others experiences you have been through till this moment that has formed or shaped your character and personality.
King David said, “in iniquity was I conceived “he was admitting to be a partaker of the lawlessness that he inherited from the genes of his foundations psalm 51:5. Was David’s struggle not because of the issues from his paternal bloodline that had incest by Judah and Tar ten generations behind in Genesis 38, an incident that was to reappear in David’s own home amongst his own children’s incest and rape between Amnon and Tamar in 2nd Samuel 13? That is the vicious cycle of bad foundations.
The Lord Jesus said, “the prince of this word cometh but finds nothing in me”. john 14:30 The prince of this word is always looking for what he can use that has root from within your foundations as a legal ground to oppose and stop a leader of divine purpose in the kingdom of Christ. Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap and he that hides his sin shall not prosper Proverbs 28:13. The pasts of many have caught up with them at the crucial hour of their destiny because they never took the time to deal with the negative seeds of the past that they carry in their un-regenerate flesh. This analytical tool is not designed to embarrass but to help a discerning leader run through his life and experiences and do a proper introspection – please remember, the enemy is looking for doors to shatter, hinder and stop the rise of the appointed leader. E.g. do you know that the name you bear is a gate way into your life? And if you bear a name that has an idolatry origin, every time your name is called, the spirit behind that name gains access and authority over your life? After this process, you might be required to change your name if need be because the scripture says we should have names inspired and originated from the Lord Ephesians 3:13. We are to be called by His name or named by His authority and not that of an idol or ancestral kraal. God did not change the names of Abraham, Jacob, Joshua, and others He allowed their change of names for nothing. Some of the issues mentioned below are the reasons why many believers don’t live a full victorious and destiny fulfilling life. You must not stop your spiritual progress, until you reach the stature of the measure of the fullness of Christ Ephesians 4:13. When you too can say, the prince of this world cometh but finds nothing in me John 14:30. The questions in this questionnaire touch on the respondents foundational background, spiritual background as well as relationship and sexual history.
All these questions have a direct linkage to current life and even vocational situations, spiritual temperature and marital situations.
The questionnaire is further divided into 2 sections – History and Personal current, past or recurrent Problems for which you may be seeking help.


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