amazing turn around
This is the story of many topics again. I pick up the following topics in this story.
1. The failure of the deep knowledge that I have.
2. Toiling the whole night without success.
3. The most discouraged group of fisher men
4. It is now over with this career by washing the nets
5. Jesus saw as God the toil of man
6. Jesus moving in with a rescue mission both for the fisher men and for the stranded people
7. Jesus has a need and I am the only one to can fulfil that need.
8. Jesus seated where Peter was sitting.
9. Jesus giving the life changing command to the discouraged Peter.
10. The big catch was because of obey the Voice and the Words of the Master
11. Peter relieved from his desperation
1.1. Knowledge comes from God and if that knowledge is not used to glorify God, it becomes useless and most dangerous.
1.2. We boast about it how educated we are.
1.3. We boast about it how better we are from other people thus looking down upon them.
1.4. We boast about it how smart we are and we do not even deserve to be staying around in Townships.
1.5. We boast about the cars we are driving.
1.6. We boast about everything we have and forgetting that all things come from God.
1.7. Then we become failures in whatever we are doing since we do not bring any glory to God.
2.1. Things are literally failing and that does not mean that we do not have capable and able people.
2.2. They are there and very much so educated, but they do not trust God.
2.3. Their jobs are not giving out the desired outcome for the people to survive.
2.4. Hence all the cry of no service delivery, no pure Word delivery hence all the Staff gospel trying to appease and draw the people not to go.
2.5. Through the whole night of fishing, there is nowhere were we hear Peter mentioning the name of God. Because he trusted in himself.
3.1. Make no mistake they did all things the right way.
3.2. They fished during the night which was the right time to catch fish.
3.3. They used the right nets and the nets were held the right way.
3.4. They were careful as supposed not to frighten the fish.
3.5. But they could not cash even a single let alone a sickly or crippled fish.
3.6. Finally when the sun rose they gave up very discouraged and their economic situation affected greatly affected.

God sometimes allows us to toil for nothing if we do not involves him in whatever we are doing.
4.1. That was a final decision taken by Peter and his group.
4.2. We cannot absorb this any longer.
4.3. We are disappointed and cannot continue any longer.
4.4. Let us wash our nets as a sign of giving up the career, bye –bye fishing career.
4.5. It might be the same with us in whatever we have been doing.
4.6. There is but one thing that we do not understand that God is watching not from the distance as Rebecca Malobe use to sing.
5.1. When Jesus sees, he takes action.
5.2. He uses your situation for his own Good and as a reward answers your own situation.
5.3. What is needed is to hear God even during difficult times.
5.4. Let there be no situation that will make you not obey God and if you allow any situation to make you to disobey God than there is a serious problem with your life.
5.5. Jesus used Peter’s boat first and thereafter Peter was rewarded greatly.
5.5.1. What do you have that Jesus can use to fulfil his purpose in this world for humanity.
5.5.2. What is your boat that Jesus can use first?
5.5.3. With the young boy, he used his five loaves and two fish.
5.5.4. With Zacheous he used his house to hold a service.
5.5.5. With Peter he used his boat.
5.5.6. With the woman carrying water, he used her house for the Holy Communion and farewell party with his disciples.
5.5.7. With the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob, he used the water to bring about the real water which is salvation to those who believes.
5.5.8. With the woman of Shunammite he used his house to host his servants and thereafter they received a bouncing baby boy.
What can he use with you today? Can he use your money to finish this building outside?
Can he use your wisdom to help thinking how can we overcome the finishing of the building standing outside?
Can he use your knees to kneel down as you pray for his work?
Can he have your heart and speak to it that it obeys him in whatever he want you to do for him?
Can he save your heart for heaven sake?
He is here now speaking to us as individuals and does something about what he says to you.


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